Adolescent Treatment

Many children don’t require an early phase of orthodontic treatment, making a two phase treatment process unnecessary. These patients will have all of their orthodontic treatment needs addressed with a single, comprehensive phase of care.

Almost all adolescent treatment involves the use of braces. In the past, active treatment time in braces was typically 24 months, but advances have allowed the treatment time to be reduced to 18 months for most patients. The frequency of appointments has also changed, and in our office patients in braces are seen at 6-8 week intervals.

Because children develop dentally at different rates, the best age to begin their treatment will vary. For most, they will be ready to begin between the ages of 11 and 13. This is when they will have reached a stage of development of their permanent teeth to be able to make an accurate evaluation, and develop a suitable treatment plan. This makes having braces a middle school experience, an easier time when many peers also have braces, and active treatment is finished before high school begins!