Types of Braces

Thanks to advances in orthodontic technology, we are able to offer our patients more viable treatment options than ever before. From traditional metal braces, tooth colored ceramic braces, and clear removable aligners, Dr. Buttenbaum is able to guide each patient as to which treatment method best fits their needs.


Stainless steel, or metal braces are most commonly used to address a wide variety of treatment needs for adolescents and teenagers. As a part of our commitment to the quality of care, our stainless steel brackets are supplied by 3M Unitek, one of the leading manufacturers in the orthodontic industry. Their low profile for patient comfort, and precise manufacturing according to Dr. Buttenbaum’s specifications make them a perfect choice for our patients.


For those patients who require braces, but who would like an esthetic alternative to metal braces, the ceramic braces are a great option. Also supplied by 3M Unitek, a leading manufacturer in the orthodontic industry, our ceramic brackets are manufactured to the same dimensions and with the same level of precision as metal braces. Ceramic brackets are used primarily for teenagers and adults who have higher esthetic demands.

With both metal and ceramic brackets, our clinical system is the most advanced available in orthodontics. Each bracket is supplied in its own individually sealed container. The light cured bonding material, which is used to bond the brackets to the tooth, is applied to the bracket during manufacturing.

Getting your braces couldn’t be easier. In fact, most appointments to start with braces take 1 hour or less. We simply prepare the teeth, place the brackets in position, light cure each bracket, and place the initial straightening wire. With this advanced system, getting braces is more comfortable and faster than ever before. You’ll be on your way to a great smile before you know it!