Your First Visit

Congratulations on scheduling your first orthodontic appointment, an exciting step on an amazing journey toward a beautiful smile!

When you first arrive at the office, we ask that you check in with Kristy or Sally at the reception desk. They will alert the team of your arrival. Don’t worry, we’ll be expecting you.

Make yourself comfortable in the reception area, but not too comfy, because you won’t be waiting long. You’ll be greeted by Tara, our treatment coordinator, who will be taking care of you. Tara will start by gathering some information about your specific orthodontic situation. Dr. B will join in for a clinical examination and preliminary discussion regarding recommendations of what would be best for you and your teeth.

If you are a candidate for active treatment, the next step includes working with one of our clinical assistants to gather additional diagnostic information. This will help Dr. B. plan your treatment. These diagnostic records include two digital x-rays, a series of digital photos, and a 3-D intraoral scan of your teeth to generate 3-D models.

Almost done. The final step is to have Kristy or Sally schedule your consultation appointment for the following week. At that appointment, you will meet with Dr. B to review your diagnostic records, discuss your orthodontic treatment in detail, and answer any questions you may have.

Success. You’re on your way!