Clear aligner therapy is a great treatment option for those patients who would like to avoid having braces. Of the clear aligner manufacturing companies in the market today, Dr. Buttenbaum has chosen to work solely with Align Technologies, the manufacturer of Invisalign clear aligners. Certified when Invisalign was first released into private practice, Dr. Buttenbaum has been creating smiles for patients with Invisalign aligners for almost 20 years!


Invisalign is a treatment method using removable, comfortable, and virtually invisible plastic aligners that easily slip over your teeth. Aligners are worn in stages, with each stage worn over a two week period of time. As patients progress through the stages, teeth are gradually and incrementally moved into their final positions.


Effective -Invisalign as a treatment method has developed significantly over  the past 20 years, and in most situations is equally effective as braces.
Esthetic -Manufactured of virtually clear plastic, those around you won’t know you’re on your way to a great smile.
Comfortable -No brackets or wires. Just smooth plastic.
No Emergencies -No loose brackets or poking wires.
Convenient -Appointments at 8-10 week intervals or longer if necessary. Perfect for patients with busy travel schedules, college students, etc.
Removable -No need to change your lifestyle or daily routine. Enjoy the foods and drinks you love. Participate in your favorite activities. Remove your aligners for special occasions or for professional reasons.


As with all treatments, the process begins with an initial examination. You will meet with Dr. Buttenbaum and he will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. At this first visit, we will also gather your initial diagnostic information. This will include two x-rays, a series of photos, and a 3D intraoral scan to generate computer models of your teeth.

About a week later, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Buttenbaum to discuss your treatment goals and the specifics of your treatment plan. This appointment will also include a thorough explanation of the Invisalign treatment process so you are fully informed before you begin.

When you’re ready to proceed with treatment, Dr. Buttenbaum will submit your diagnostic records to Invisalign and work with the technicians to develop your treatment. The technicians will build a computer model of how your teeth will move throughout the course of treatment. Finally, Dr. Buttenbaum will review the computer model to make sure your treatment will go according to his plan. Once the computer model is approved, aligners will be manufactured, and when they arrive in the office you’re ready to go!